5 Best Brands for Standup PaddleBoards

Standup paddleboarding is becoming a very popular sport and is also a super fun recreational activity. The roots of stand-up paddleboarding can be traced all the way back to Africa as a means of transportation for warriors to stealthfully engage their enemies. The modern day version of the sport originated in Hawaii. Standup paddleboarding is a variation of surfing, but unlike surfing, it can be enjoyed on different body types of water as opposed to just the ocean in surfing. Standup paddleboarding is practiced on lakes and ponds, in rivers and canals, and also at the beach on the ocean. A standup paddleboard is like a surfboard but longer and wider for more stability and is used with a paddle.

Just like any sport, to enjoy standup paddleboarding to the fullest you have to have the right equipment. Here is a list of the top five brands for this awesome sport. This list counts down from five to one with one being the best.

5. At number five we’re going to go with Greco Surf, a company out of Torrance, California. For anybody just starting out in standup paddleboarding, this is a good brand to consider. Greco Surf makes good quality boards at affordable prices. Their prices range from 400 to 800 dollars. Greco Surf also has a ministry which operates as a non-profit organization that donates and does a lot of hands-on work with in-need communities worldwide. The reason I put them at number five is because they do not have a wide selection of boards. To find out more about this company visit www.grecosurfboards.com.

4. At number four is Isle out of San Diego, California. This company makes great standup paddleboards. Isle has a nice amount of choices for you to consider and the price range is from 500 to 1600 dollars. Isle standup paddleboards are very stylish which would make a rider proud to own one. To find out more about this company visit www.islesurfandsup.com.

3. At number three we have Pau Hana Surf Supply out of Santa Clarita, California. Most Pau Hana boards are in the 1200 dollar price range. This company was created by Todd Caranto who is himself a competitive standup paddleboarder. Todd is also hands on with the design and creation of every aspect of the boards Pau Hana Surf Supply manufactures. To find out more about this company visit www.pauhanasurfco.com.

2. At number two we have Surftech Board Mfg Co out of Santa Cruz, California. This company has a wide selection of boards. The price range is between 900 and 2500 dollars. Surftech Board Mfg Co has been in business for over 25 years. SurfTech uses many different technologies when manufacturing their boards. You can see that process in more detail on their website under the technology tab in the main menu. To find out more about this company visit www.surftech.com.

1. Okay, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. At number one is Red Paddle Co. Red Paddle Co has a wide selection of boards that cover every aspect of the sport. Whether you’re touring, surfing, white water standup paddleboarding, or you’re a youngster, this company has a board to fit your needs. Red Paddle Co has boards in the price range of 900 to 1500 dollars. Red Paddle Co specializes in inflatable standup paddleboards. With this technology, you can have a very strong board with a very light weight that is extremely portable. To buy Red Paddle Co products you can find retailers all over the Internet. 

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