How to Use Local Schema for Your Business

Schema was developed as a collaboration between the top search engines in the world. While using it will not change what your viewer sees when they visit your site, using schema codes makes sure that search engine robots see your local information. Only 25 percent of all local businesses have a website and only 10 percent are using Schema markup. Making this simple change raises your click-through rate. The higher the click-through rate, the more business you are likely to generate.

Thee are three advantages to using Schema on all your local pages.

#1. Schema Helps Search Engines Locate Your Business for Local Listings

Of the 10 percent of businesses that are trying to use Schema on their local business sites, very few of them are going beyond the code for local business. Instead, make sure to choose the type of business that you operate so that the search engines can put you in the right category. There are over 400 different choices.
Additionally, there is almost an endless list of information that a local business can list using schema. Some of these items include:

• Physical address
• Mailing address
• Type of business
• Payment methods accepted
• Tax identification number
• Important people within the organization
• Operating hours
• Short description of the business

The more information that is included, the better the search engines seem to like the page.

Specific businesses will even find more detailed choices that apply to them. For example, many professionals have the option of listing membership in a professional organization.

You do not have to list the Schema markup at the top of the page. You can use Schema markup on products and people on every page of your website. The more you mark, the higher the search engines rank your page.

#2 Schema Lets You Add Reviews to the Search Engine Page

One big advantage that local businesses need to take advantage of is the ability to add reviews Over 72 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. Numerous research studies suggest that people are more likely to click on search engine results showing reviews even when the business is not the first result listed. You can use Schema to show the search engines where to find the information to display, so the business person stays in control.

#3 Schema Allows You to Publicize Your Local Event

Many business people have trouble getting attention for their local events. Schema allows you to garner that attention. The markup includes two specific categories. One for sporting events and one for all other types of events. The other events is then broken down to:

• Business events
• Children’s events
• Comedy events
• Dance events
• Educational events
• Exhibitions
• Festivals
• Food events
• Publication events
• Screening events
• Sale events
• Social events
• Theater events
• Visual art events

When the search engines find these events, they often add them to calendars that they create. This gives you free advertising for your event and helps to draw in new customers as you are introduced to a larger audience.

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