5 Common SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If done right SEO can be the most powerful form of marketing that you do for your business. It can make your phone ring off the hook, fill your inbox with inquiries and make the cash register ring all day long.

However if done wrong, it will drain your bank account and supply you with results that are dismal, to say the least – And at the worst – can get your website eliminated from Google altogether.

The sad but honest news is that 95% of ‘SEO Companies’ out there simply don’t know what they are doing. How do I know this? Because there are only ten companies on the first page of Google for ‘SEO + City’, and yet in most major cities there are another 30 pages of ‘companies that do SEO’.

What this means is that only a small handful of companies are generating results, and the rest are simply taking people’s money and running.

So in the article, I’m going to share with you the five most common SEO mistakes that I see on a daily basis, and how to ensure you’re business doesn’t fall prey to them.


1. They only do On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is where you get your website set up to ‘rank’. It involves setting your meta titles, tags, descriptions, H1’s, image Alt text, etc.

Nearly every week I speak with a business who has had ‘SEO’ done on their site, but all that is done is on-page.

This is a big issue as on-site is only 1 of 3 parts of SEO and its like the foundation in that you need it to be successful, but on its own it’s worthless.


2. They get too bogged down on the technical

A lot of businesses get caught up in making sure their code is ‘technically perfect’. They spend weeks stripping the code down to make it light weight. They spend tens of thousands on Varnish Cache and other speed mechanisms. And they constantly stress to ensure that they are W3C Compliant with their code base.

Now while all these things do affect SEO a little bit, they are the 80% of the work that gets 5% of the results. Unless you are a major company with HUGE budgets and you’ve already completed every other form of SEO, I strongly recommend you don’t bother wasting your time with this.


3. They build bad links

Its easy to go on fiverr and high someone to build 300,000 links over night and hope that your site ranks. The trouble is anything that can be done easily Google quickly picks up on and bans.

So get your site checked to make sure you don’t have any bad history.


4. They avoid building links in fear of getting penalised.

If I had a nickel every time someone said that link building is against Google’s policies I wouldn’t need to do SEO!

The honest truth is this – Google has policies to make sure it can legally back itself against spammers. But Link Building, as long as it provides the world with value is a great SEO tactic and it is the most powerful one available.


5. Hiring a bad SEO company.

Hiring a bad SEO company can destroy your site quickly. However working with a great SEO business can help you grow rapidly. When you’re checking them out ensure to ask for case studies, testimonials and any proof that they actually know what they are doing.

As a general rule of thumb, if they aren’t ranked on the first page for “SEO + TheirCity” they aren’t any good. For example if they were in Brisbane, they would rank for ‘SEO Brisbane Queensland

Here is a quick video to learn more about hiring agencies.


SEO Townsville – Black Shirt Marketing from Black Shirt Marketing on Vimeo



So there you have it, the 5 mistakes that most people make in SEO which prevents them from ever making the money that they deserve from their business!

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About Author: Carol Clark