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Opulent Items Sofa’s Reviews- Unbiased & Honest

Opulent Items belong to the pioneers in contemporary furniture and sophisticated interiors. Over the last couple of years they’ve taken the web-based furniture market by storm with their simplicity, premium materials and remarkable comfort.

Who are Opulent Items?

Opulent Items are online merchant specialising in modern, Italian designed sofas & lounges. Their range consists of everything from a single leather-made chair, to a truly ‘opulent’ 12-seat showpiece.

They ship to the Continental USA.

Most notably they’ve supplied cutting edge & modern furnishings for clients such as Sony, Google and the luxury W Hotels chain.

Our Opulent Items Review:

So since you know who Opulent Items are – what do we believe?

Well if you’ve read one of our critiques before you know that we have 4 reviewing criteria.

Leather Quality: 9.5/ 10.

The initial thing that stood out to me when I first inspected their sofa’s was the quality of the leather. Its been hand selected and imported direct from Italy, which makes certain the strongest, softest and most plush leather on sale.

The variety of colours that they offer is massive & if you ‘d like to get extra personalised they offer a service for colour trimmings and stitching.

Build Quality: 9/10.

When I think about investing in an expensive sofa that will remain in my house for the next decade the second thing I take a look at is the build quality. This is the quality of the structure and the structural build. The last thing you want is the youngsters to sit on the arm of the couch only to have it get damaged.

After inspecting the frame within it’s clear that Opulent Items have spent a lot of time with their design & their quality assurance.

Designs: 10/10.

If you’re reading this review on Opulent Items then chances are you’ve already seen their sofa’s and know how fantastic they look! The good news is that once you buy one and it arrives at your home you’ll be blown away!

Every little thing is cutting edge, and they have concepts to suit every home. Whether your home is brand-new, or 50’s chic, you’ll find one thing to suit.

Customer support, Price & Value: 8.5/ 10.

I very almost never give anything about a 7 in this area, but Opulent Items simply did a great job.

Their client service updated be about tracking numbers & amount of time at all steps & they even followed up to guarantee my purchase arrived safely.

Now certainly there is now way you can say that their products are cheap, but you get what you invest in. The components are top notch and the design is exceptionally unique.

Overall Review Score for Opulent Items: 9/10.

If you’re in the marketplace for a super innovative, super premium Italian sofa, then I highly strongly recommend Opulent Items Sofa’s. They have quality natural leather, great styles, and a truly solid frame.

You can find out more about Opulent Items here.

Why leather couches?

When you’re taking a look at buying a sofa from Opulent Items you should consider if a leather lounge is right for you.

Do you want to invest the extra for leather, or are you happy with cloth? Do you have kids and desire to easily have the chance to wipe off spillage? Or maybe you simply love the leather feel.

Regardless I highly recommend that you consider a leather sofa.

Buying A Sofa On the net from Opulent Items:.

I found the check out process very simple to remain honest. I’m not used to buying online that much, having said that their site is easy to use, and the payment handling was simple and straightforward.

I did have my reservations about purchasing a sofa online, but one thing that won me across is the high quality of their photos which I can safely say do precisely represent the sofa’s.

Ignore The Bad Reviews Out There:.

There are bad reviews floating around for Opulent Items, but after handling them personally, I can see why they claim these are competitors attempting to pull them down. Overall they just aren’t true.

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